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Many dentists keep practicing the same old dentistry despite the incredible revolution that has taken place over the last 30 years! The Biomimetic approach can protect your teeth from root canals and crowns while preventing the aggressive treatment cycle which results in loss of teeth!

Learn everything about Biomimetic Dentistry from expert Dr. Matt Nejad. He has been training dentists around the world in Biomimetic Dentistry for over 10 years at his Training Institute.

Now he’s providing this absolutely FREE education specifically for patients!

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In this course. Dr. Nejad reviews common questions and information patients want to know about Biomimetic Dentistry and alternatives to shaving teeth for outdated traditional approaches. This is a hot topic and the course includes a series of videos delivered to your email box.

The course covers the following:

  • What is bimoimetic dentistry?
  • Normal anatomy and function of teeth
  • The cavity process and caries
  • How to prevent root canals
  • The importance of rubber dam isolation
  • The problem with traditional crowns
  • Biomimetic crown alternatives
  • and more!

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Percentage of root canals and crowns that can be prevented with Biomimetic Dentistry

Percentage of root canals and crowns that can be prevented with Biomimetic Dentistry

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Live, Monthly Q&A Sessions
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All students who sign up for this free course will receive exclusive access to live, monthly Zoom sessions with me. These sessions will be administered in Q&A format and serve as a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered by me. I’m excited to help you out!

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Take Control of Your Dental Care

This free dental course uses info-packed videos to help people understand what’s wrong with traditional drill and fill dentistry. Learn how you can protect your teeth and ensure they are healthy and lasting for life! Our videos will be emailed to you regularly and will cover these crucial points and more!

How to save money on dental care by not falling into the usual mistakes.
How to keep your teeth healthy and avoid cavities.
The secret of how most crowns and root canals can be avoided.
How biomimetic restorations look and feel like healthy natural teeth.
How to save your teeth and avoid extractions and implants.
How biomimetic restorations restore the strength of your teeth.
How to evaluate your compatibility with specific dental materials.
Live Monthly Q&A sessions to answer other questions!

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Biomimetic Dentistry
Patient Education

Unfortunately, many dentists are still practicing dental techniques that were developed over 100 years ago. The Biomimetic approach is part of modern dental education at top dental universities across the nation and even internationally. Skip the complications and pitfalls of these outdated techniques which have an increased risk of long-term complications and loss of teeth.

Regardless of where you receive your care, I believe every patient deserves the best care aimed at saving teeth for life! That is why I made these courses, to tell you everything you need to know on how to achieve a healthier, safer, more natural and long-lasting kind of dental care. You deserve it.

Thanks for your interest!

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