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Dr. Matt Nejad

  • Partner Dentist – Helm | Nejad | Stanley Cosmetic & Biomimetic Dentistry
  • Adjunct Faculty – Division of Restorative Sciences | Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC
  • Owner & Instructor – The Nejad Institute

The lead partner at the top dental practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Matt Nejad provides his patients with the most natural and advanced dentistry around. His biomimetic treatment approach minimizes shaving and drilling of teeth and restores them with materials and techniques that mimic the properties and function of natural teeth. The result is teeth which are much less likely to experience sensitivity, root canals and fractures – all common with traditional dental fillings and crowns. Dr. Nejad applies his biomimetic treatment approach for everything from single teeth fillings to complete smile makeovers and reconstructions.

Dr. Nejad is renowned for his clinical expertise and his scholarly contributions to advancing Biomimetic Dentistry. He has been educating both dentists and patients since 2010, raising awareness of this type of dentistry and training professionals. His clinical experience providing Biomimetic Dentistry in his practice has proven the scientific merits, success, and advantages of this approach and motivated countless dentists to begin practicing this way.

Dr. Nejad grew up in Calabasas, California and graduated from the prestigious University of Southern California School of Dentistry – where he received a truly unique and advanced educational experience. During his tenure there, Dr. Nejad was selected to work with dental pioneer, Dr. Pascal Magne, known globally as the “father” of biomimetic dentistry and a leading expert in cosmetic procedures. Dr. Nejad was chosen for this selective residency training program based on his performance, and he graduated at the top of the class in both the didactic testing and clinical practice experience. As a student, Dr. Nejad was able to complete a record amount of prosthodontic and cosmetic cases, earning him a reputation of achievement.

Today, Dr. Nejad is considered one of the top opinion leaders in the dental industry with a diverse background which includes: private clinical practice, research, academics, and education. This combination is extremely rare due to the extreme time commitment required to manage both sides of the profession. He was the youngest dentist to become a member of the USC faculty and has been mentoring dental students since 2010. He consults with companies from around the country, helping develop innovative dental materials and new products. He is also a member of the American Dental Association Standards Committee on Dental Products (ADA SCDP). The Nejad Institute trains dentists from around the world in adhesion, Biomimetic Dentistry, and Cosmetic/Esthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Matt Nejad, Beverly Hills

Restorative & Esthetic Biomimetic Dentistry

Dr. Matt Nejad is an expert biomimetic dentist and educator. He provides education for both patients and professionals. The Free Course is for patients, while his training Institute provides comprehensive training courses and mentorship for dentists to learn Biomimetic Dentistry. His practice in Beverly Hills, CA is known for top cosmetic and biomimetic dentistry with patients traveling from all around the world for treatment.

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